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  Erik Larson on Dead Wake  CSPAN  October 14, 2015 8:01pm-8:11pm EDT

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reporter, one of the biggest. how does it feel? how does what feel? what you have done has never been done before. you are an outsider. u.k. men and they call it the summer of trump. i hear that. [applause] and this is the top guy. he said it's never been done. how does it feel? i said i'll be honest, to me it doesn't feel anything because unless we win i have wasted my time. and he said, now you haven't. what you have done is incredible by the way that was a while ago. i think is afraid to write the story but he said what you have done is incredible and i said i understand what you are saying but i'm telling you unless i win , meaning unless we win in the primaries, and we can't have these politicians and they longer. we just can't do it. we can't do it. we can't do it. all talk, no action, no ability.
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they have got one ability. they have an ability to get reelected. that's their only ability. that's what they have to do. they have to get reelected so i said, and i told him if i don't win i consider to be a massive failure. that means winning the election because otherwise hey we have all had a lot of fun but nothing's going happen. i watched hillary last night were going to get this and we are going to get that. poor woman she has to give give everything away because this maniac standing on her right is giving everything away so he is following. that's what's happening. [applause] this socialist/communist, okay? nobody wants to say it. [applause] in all fairness to hershey
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standing here listening to this guy. he's going to attack you people at 90%. he's going to take everything. i call him a socialist/communist because that's what he is. [applause] then you see her stand up and now it's her turn and she goes, i'm going to do that too. she's not doing so well and in a head-to-head poll, i beat her by five or six points. i love it. i love it. [applause] that we have to be careful, so here's the story. you look around and you can remember this night because as a very important person told me, this is not just crowds. this is a movement going on. when you were leading by 20 to 25 points in all the states, when you are leading in south carolina by 20, when you are
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leading in all of these people nevada and leading with the hispanics, leading with the hispanics. [applause] because they know i create jobs and they are here legally and they do want people taking their houses and running all over the place. they want what they have and they want it to get better and they want jobs. when we are leading by 20 points, 25, one of the polls had us that 40% above everyone else. those are massive numbers. and as this person said this is a movement. this is no longer playing games. this is a movement. they all said oh he's never going to run and he's had a wonderful life and they said he will never run. form a is where you sign your life away and i signed form a. he will never gives financial because he is not as wealthy as
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people thought that i have 100 pages of financials. they said they will put him in way late. by the way some of these guys i'm running against they put them in late with one page. and they need an extension. it's a true story. they say he will never put in his financials and i was so happy to put them in. in fact if i didn't run i might have put them in because i like to tell people i did a good job. i did a good job. if. [applause] so i put in my financials and all of these guys, the pundits, called him the talking heads. they don't know what the hell they're doing many of them so they are devastated because they said he will never file and he will never do this and never do that. i put in my financials and it turns out my company is much bigger, better, stronger much bigger than anyone ever thought.
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we even come down here. we have the biggest winery on the east coast. we have the great land on the potomac river. they don't know that. you people not because you are from virginia but no matter where i go i have property coming out of my ears. it's true and i have very little debt. great cash flow and i'm not saying that to brag. i'm saying that because that's the kind of thinking we need in the country. [applause] that's the kind of thinking. [chanting] [applause] if you think of some of the
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countries we talk about, if you think, let's say instead of losing in terms of china, let's say instead of losing 352400 billion dollars a year in trade deficit, let's say we broke even do you know what that means? does anyone have any idea what that means? let's say instead of losing with japan $75 billion a year, let's say we broke even. let's say they agreed to take more of our products so we can equalize. not that it's a one-way street. and it's easy. we have the cards because we can say we don't want your cars anymore. they would know what to do. we are going to do a job i give you my word. i don't care about my company. it's peanuts. i have wonderful children.
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my kids are wonderful. my wife is wonderful. [applause] but my three other kids that i just mentioned, it doesn't mean anything to them anymore. i want to do such a great job. i want to make you people so proud of this country again. so proud. [applause] look around at all the people here. look around at the people next to you because this is a special night. we are going to make america great again. thank you, thank you. [applause] [applause] ♪
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